Resources for Cultivating Christ-like Servant Leaders

Devotional Books

Kindling the Heart – Individual Edition

The 3rd edition of Kindling the Heart of the Christ-like Servant Leader contains updated devotionals for the four KINDLE strands. Eight new devotions were added to reflect on the Grace-Filled Marks that result from growing in the practices for each strand.

Kindling the Heart – Family Edition

Kindling the Heart: Nurturing Young Christ-like Servant Leaders provides 52 devotions. Each time you meet around God’s Word, a Big Idea, some Talking Points and an easy-to-implement Try This action with your family. Bit by bit you plant seeds and water the hearts and minds of your children. God will be faithful in providing the growth.

Bible Studies

Servant Leader Journey Guides

Christ-like Servant Leader Journey Guides are an 8-week experience created for a small cluster that includes a leader, an apprentice, and two other participants. Each guide is designed around a Strand and its five Practices.

Servant Leader Journey Guides – Student Edition

These studies are specifically designed to assist leaders as they guide high school students through a weekly hour-long study to learn more about how Jesus lived, taught and served others. Each week participants learn faith-filled practices modeled by Jesus and discover how to implement them in their daily pursuit of Christ-like servant leadership.

Cultivating 2nd Chair Leaders - A KINDLE Podcast

Join us for conversations about living out servant leadership in the second chair. This is your time to connect in community, find direction, and find freedom to focus on your identity as a Christ-like servant leader in the second chair.

Karpenko Institute for Nurturing and Developing Leadership Excellence (KINDLE) provides a model for living out Christ-like servant leadership. Check out all four seasons of the podcast below or wherever you listen to podcasts. Also available are discussion guides for each episode within a season.


Next Webinar – Coming Fall 2024

For all second chair ministry leaders to grow in wisdom and learn tools/resources that can be used to foster and multiply Christ-like servant leaders in the home, workplace, community and world.


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Strands and Practices for Christ-like Servant Leaders