Welcome to Cultivating Second Chair Leaders: Conversations about living out servant leadership in the second chair.

This is your time to connect in community, find direction, and find freedom to focus on your identity as a Christ-like servant leader in the second chair.

Karpenko Institute for Nurturing and Developing Leadership Excellence (KINDLE) provides a model for living out Christ-like servant leadership. Throughout this season of the podcast we will focus on how we cultivate our faith through Christ-like practices including Sabbath living, Scripture, prayer, witness and service to others.

Thank you to the podcast team including David Johnson, Jon Zellar, and Katy Crawford. Thank you also to Brad Stirtz, who contributed the music performance that you hear in the trailer and forthcoming episodes! This season will launch in mid-January 2022 so check back for more episodes! If you have any questions or comments as you listen in to these conversations, please connect with Emily Phoenix, our Podcast Team Leader.

Discussion Guides for each episode are available below.

Episode Discussion Guides

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Season 2 of Cultivating Second Chair Leaders: Cultivating Health drops on August 3!