KINDLE’s Cultivating the Faith of Students, the first in a four-part series (Cultivating the Heart of Students), is specifically designed to assist leaders as they guide high school students through a weekly hour-long study to learn more about how Jesus lived, taught and served others. Each week participants learn faith-filled practices modeled by Jesus and discover how to implement them in their daily pursuit of Christ-like servant leadership.

This resource comes with a digital package found via the QR code inside the book and includes:

  • Social media images to share weekly Bible readings with students.
  • Printable handouts for students to follow along.
  • Editable Visual presentation for use in your youth group setting.
  • List of supplemental video options for various lessons, and more!


  • This Leader Guide comes with tips, and all the supplemental resources you may need to select what works best for your setting!
    Share the daily/weekly Bible readings with students with an image they can add to the lock screen of their phone!
  • Did you know that 75% of learners are visual and kinesthetic? This resource comes with editable presentation(s) that you can use during youth group or Sunday school!
    Teach students how to develop a personal growth plan—a series of next steps—in a specific faith practice.
  • Weekly engagement in Bible readings, reflection and prayer.


FAQs about Cultivating the Faith of Students

Who is the primary audience to purchase this resource?

Youth leaders (Full/part time church professionals-DCE, deaconesses, pastors, lay leaders, etc…) to use with high school students.

What is KINDLE?

The Karpenko Institute for Nurturing and Developing Leadership Excellence (KINDLE) is an organization whose mission is to foster and multiply generations of Christ-like servant leaders. All of our resources are created with that purpose in mind. You can learn more about the initiatives and additional resources we offer at

Is this a replication of the original KINDLE Servant Leader Journey Guides?

No. Learn more about our original journey guides here.

Cultivating the Faith of Students is meant to be purchased and led by an adult leader with an audience of high school students. This resource allows for the material to be used in a variety of ways. This resource also comes with digital files like visual presentation tools, printable student handouts, etc… The leader guide should be able to be used as many times as you choose to lead the material.

What is included when this resource is purchased?

You will receive a physical copy of the leader guide. Inside the book, there is a QR code, when accessed, you will receive an additional folder of digital files which include the following:

  • Social media images to share weekly Bible readings w/ students
  • Printable handouts for students to participate with the material.
  • Editable visual presentations for use in your youth group setting.
  • List of supplemental video options for various lessons, and more!
How long will it take to complete this curriculum with my students?

This is an 8-week series. Each lesson is 60-70 minutes, but has enough options for you to adjust for your students and setting.

What is the format of a weekly lesson?

Each lesson follows this order:

  1. Entrance Ritual and/or Opening Prayer
  2. Interactive Community Building/Highs & Lows
  3. Growth Plan Check in (with optional SMART goal teaching)
  4. Christ-like Servant Leader Teaching
  5. Group Discussion
  6. Next Steps and Closing Prayer
Could students assist in leading the material?

The way the material is set up, you could very easily engage students as small group leaders for the discussion portions of a weekly lesson.

Leader Testimonials

The daily Bible readings also made an impact. One youth told our leader that once the study was over, she missed the daily time for reading and reflecting on God’s Word.

Brian Pike

DCE, Lafayette, IN

My favorite part was how the content challenged the students to see faith as something we practice and grow in relationship with Christ. I think that was a little new for some of my students. And the goal setting definitely helped them with that.

Beth Stephens

Youth Leader, Mission, KS