You want to be energized and equipped for ministry.

We all know ministry leaders who seem to have their act together – on fire for ministry, filled with enthusiasm, and equipping teams of people around them. What’s their secret? How do they pull it off? 

At KINDLE, we know that you want to be energized and equipped for ministry as a 2nd chair ministry leader. Deep down, you want to be a trusted voice and cultivate leaders around you. To do that, you need confidence in the direction you’re headed. To endure the different seasons of ministry, you need accountability and an action plan that integrates your faith, family, and career. 

Connect with other 2nd chair ministry leaders and join a community of over 300 KINDLE Associates.

Get the help you need to stay on track with your personal growth from others on the journey and a dedicated coach.

Access a large library of proven tools and resources for developing yourself and others.

We understand the challenges of ministry.

There never seems to be enough time to focus on the important versus the urgent. As time rolls on, the pressure only seems to mount. Oftentimes, you’re left feeling stuck, buried, and burnt out. 

 This isn’t the way it should be. 

While ministry may demand a certain level of sacrifice, you should never feel lost or on this journey alone. 

A Proven Track Record

We have been equipping and supporting 2nd chair ministry leaders like you for over 20 years.

An Experienced Team

Our instructors and coaches are experienced ministry leaders who have served in second chair ministry and continue to grow as Christ-like servant leaders in their own contexts.

Christ-centered Biblical DNA

Program material is drawn from and built upon Scripture.

300 Strong and Growing

Over 300 2nd chair ministry leaders have completed KINDLE programs. 

What is a 2nd Chair Leader?

Listen to this episode of KINDLE’s podcast, Classic KINDLE Instructor, Michael Harvey as he answers the question, “Am I a Second Chair Leader?”

For over 20 years, KINDLE has helped ministry professionals get unstuck and enter a new era of their ministry journey.
By reconnecting with God, establishing healthy balance and rhythms, and building a custom path forward, KINDLE’s 2nd chair ministry leaders journey forward with purpose. Whether you are new to ministry or a veteran, KINDLE can connect you
with a community of peers and equip you with a plan to endure as you cultivate leaders around you.

It’s Time To Launch Your KINDLE Journey


Choose Your Pathway

Decide if KINDLE Recent Graduates or Classic KINDLE
is right for you.


Engage in KINDLE Learning

Complete your application and start learning.


Thrive in Ministry

Confidently enter the next phase of your ministry.

Which KINDLE program is right for you?

KINDLE: Recent Graduates

(1 – 5 Years Ministry Experience)
Recent Graduates is for those who have been in ministry five years or less. Build a healthy foundation for ministry as you participate in one 4-day learning event with others in similar contexts. Take time to pause, process, and connect with others.

Classic KINDLE

(5+ Years Ministry Experience)
Classic KINDLE is best for those who have more than five years of experience in ministry. Experience vibrancy in your ministry as you discover new tools and resources and develop healthy rhythms for ministry at four 4-day learning events spread out over two years.

KINDLE: Next Callings

(2nd Chair Ministry Leaders, Age 50+)
KINDLE Next Callings is best for those who you need an intentional plan to continue serving God and to transition well into the next phase of life. Attend one 4 day learning event along with weekly chats with a coach and small group to create a personalized plan for pre- and post-retirement as you move into your next calling.  You will be prepared to help others in your congregation do the same. 

Hear from the KINDLE Community

“I am thankful I had a District Executive who shared KINDLE with me at just the right time that I needed to grow and develop as a leader. To be honest I was burned out and in need of a reset of perspective and refreshment. Being reminded of my baptismal identity through my calling really encouraged me to surrender some struggles to the one who knows me, loves me, sees me and cares for me every day makes all the difference.”

Mary Stafford Nunez

2003 Classic Associate

“I started Classic KINDLE at a time when my congregation was going through several difficult transitions. I will admit to being hesitant to take on another commitment and lessons with so much going on. I was unsure how helpful it would be and if I would be able to practice what I was taught in KINDLE. However, there were valuable learnings and experiences that improved my leadership at a critical time.”

Julianna Shults

2011 Classic Associate

The topic, Stewardship of Time, touched my heart – through the discussions and conversations and learning that I don’t have good boundaries, but it’s something I’m going to work on! This module was so needed for me and so many other young DCEs who have a hard time establishing healthy boundaries with work.


Spencer Owen

2021 Recent Graduates Participant

KINDLE is thankful for our friends in ministry.



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