Kindling the Heart – Family Edition

Kindling the Heart: Nurturing Young Christ-like Servant Leaders provides 52 devotions. Each time you meet around God’s Word, a Big Idea, some Talking Points and an easy-to-implement Try This action with your family. Bit...

KINDLE Life: August 2020

In this issue: (Download on the right) Cultivating Individuals: At Church, At Work, At Home Cultivating Individuals with Christ-like Servant Leader Journey Guides Newest Living Legacy Honors Dave & Caree Rahberg KINDLE’s First Ever...

KINDLE Life: June 2020

In This Issue (Download on the right) A Journey of Cultivating Faith Celebrating 20 Years in 2020 Remembering Shar Kleinedler The Board of Directors Celebrates KINDLE’s 20th Anniversary

KINDLE Life: March 2020

In This Issue The Beginnings of KINDLE: Recent Graduates Cultivating Health – Lessons Learned Along the Way Reflecting on the Life of Alan Gunderman

2018-2019 Annual Report

A personal story of thanks by Brady Laib, KINDLE: Recent Graduate … Greetings! My name is Brady Laib and I currently serve as a Director of Christian Education (DCE) at First Lutheran Church in...

KINDLE Life: November 2019

In This Issue Learning Circles Build Community at KINDLE Learning Events A Look at the LeRoy Wilke Living Legacy Fall Board of Directors Meeting: Great Setting, Great Spirit, Great News

KINDLE Life: August 2019

In This Issue Living KINDLE Practices at the National Youth Gathering (Lots of Pictures!) Living Legacies Support Upcoming KINDLE Initiatives Board of Directors Makes Important Decisions During Spring Meeting

2017-2018 Annual Report

A personal story of thanks by Korey Danley, Classic KINDLE Associate … Greetings! My name is Korey Danley. I am a Director of Christian Education (DCE), serving as the High School Ministry Director at...

KINDLE Life: April 2019

In This Issue Generations of Christ-like Servant Leaders Happy 60th Anniversary, DCE Ministry! KINDLE Partners with NADCE KINDLE Board of Directors Winter Meeting Highlights  

KINDLE Life: November 2018

In This Issue Experiencing KINDLE … A Participtant’s Perspective Experiencing KINDLE … A Training Team Member Perspective Living Legacy Focus:  Carsten & Georgia Falkenberg Fall Board of Directors Meeting in Stunning Southern Minnesota