Leadership Teams

KINDLE is supported by a large number of volunteers, many of whom are Associates. These teams provide the bulk of the efforts that make KINDLE effective.


The Advancement Team works to keep KINDLE in the minds and hearts of people. The Advancement Team works to manage the branding of KINDLE. As a part of these responsibilities, they manage the website, social media, KINDLE News, KINDLE Life, and other publicity items in addition to planning and organizing KINDLE’s participation in conferences and events. The members of the team are:

  • Cassie Drenkow (Team Leader)
  • Jason Christ
  • Ryan Howard
  • Julianna Shults
  • Emily Phoenix


The Development Team provides expertise, insight, advice, and assistance to the Executive Director concerning the creation and implementation of a comprehensive, effective Development process that will adequately address the financial needs of KINDLE and grow the necessary resources to continue and expand its ministry into the future.


The Finance Team provides insight and guidance to the Board of Directors as it carries out its responsibility for the financial management of KINDLE. This includes areas such as the ongoing inspection of financial records, stewardship of designated funds, annual budget development, and oversight of the Endowment. The members of the team are:

  • Jeff Shoumaker (Team Leader)
  • Mike Endres
  • Diane Junge
  • Rob Grady


The Program Team is composed of the Deans of the initiatives and serves to coordinate the initiatives, recruit training personnel, develop policy, establish procedures, and conduct evaluation of all program learning cycles and events. The members of the team are:

  • Linda Olsen (Team Leader)
  • Lisa Hellyer (Dean of Classic KINDLE)
  • Christine Eid (Dean of KINDLE: Recent Graduates)
  • Paul Wendt (Dean of KINDLE: Finishing Well)
  • Sue Steege (Design Leadership Group)


The Recruitment Team is responsible for identifying and encouraging prospective participants for each of the initiatives. In this process the team maintains lists of potential applicants as well making sure the website offers accurate information and application materials. The members of the team are:

  • Martha Strong (Team Leader)
  • Different teams are formed each year