KINDLE Next Callings

At KINDLE, we know as you progress through your church work career

you want to be energetic and peaceful for the day-to-day ministry and about what is ahead.  In order to do that, you need an intentional plan and a supportive community to continue serving God and His people and to transition well into your Next Callings.  

Without an intentional plan, you may be feeling uncertain, confused, or even fearful.  Avoidance isn’t the answer. Deep down you know the next season is about a lot more than finances, healthcare, and vacations.

Next Callings can help you prepare. You do not have to do this alone. 

And you can be equipped to help those in your congregation discover their next callings too.

Since 2000, we at KINDLE have walked side-by-side with 2nd chair ministry leaders as they have navigated every career phase. For more than 10 years, we have refined and improved our content as we have walked with dozens of Christ-like servant leaders preparing for their transition out of full-time ministry. 


During the 4 day learning event, you’ll start your journey with your learning circle, dive deep into the process and tools for creating your plan and equipping others.

The event takes place at the University of St. Mary of the Lake in Mundelein, Illinois. The event begins on Monday at 5:00 p.m. and concludes before lunch on Thursday.

Next Callings learning experience launches February 3 – 6, 2025 and runs through October 2025. 

Next Callings is designed for second chair ministry leaders, over age fifty and/or within 10 years of retirement. Retirement might be a distant dream or looming big.  

The KINDLE Next Callings event is a powerful learning experience with a vibrant community of leaders in a similar season of life.

Continue your journey via weekly online meetings. Learn, grow, work on your plan, process what you are doing in the congregation, provide and receive support and accountability from your learning circle.

It’s NOT just about you and your Next Callings. You will be equipped to share the tools, resources, and processes with members of your congregation who are close to retirement or recently retired. You can help them discover and embrace their Next Callings in their homes, congregations, and communities.

Get started with KINDLE Next Callings

  1. Apply for KINDLE Next Callings 
  2. Attend the 4-Day Learning Event where you will meet your community, and receive tools to create your plan. 
  3. Refine your plan with your community over the next eight months and get excited about God’s next calling for you and those you serve in your congregation! 

“As I age in ministry I am also resourced by others in different phases of life and appreciated the wisdom of the Next Callings leaders as they shared their stories, including their wins and doovers.”

Rev. Carl Eliason

2023-24 Next Callings Participant

I think the most impactful aspect of  Next Callings is just the intimacy of the group and getting to know one another and being able to feel free that you’ve got someone there who is willing to listen to you, and then also help you be accountable for what you say that you’re going to do.”

Dr. Gail Williamson

2023-24 Next Callings Participant

“I’m free to use my gift in my unique way, and I don’t have to fit the mold. I don’t have to fit into a pattern of: ‘This is what retirement looks like.’ And I’m having a lot of fun just talking to people about retirement.”

Carolyn Hackman, DCE

2023-24 Next Callings Participant

We believe you have an important purpose today and in retirement. 

Apply for KINDLE NEXT CALLINGS – Registration opens July 1!

Click on the link below to complete your application and submit the registration fee (an initial deposit of $125).

The total cost of $1450 ($1597 value!) for KINDLE Next Callings covers program, lodging, and meals during the four-day event at the University of St. Mary of the Lake (Transportation to and from Mundelein is not covered), and an additional eight months of coaching/learning circle conversations.

The generosity of KINDLE donors underwrites the KINDLE Next Callings experience. Even so, KINDLE realizes the registration fee is a challenge for some participants and their congregations. A limited number of grants are available to make this highly beneficial experience accessible to the greatest number of young church workers. Submit a form to apply for these funds.

Want a sneak peek into what you will learn during Next Callings? Request to view “A Foot in Two Places” webinar, led by Next Callings instructor Jill Hasstedt! 






     Apply Now

      1.  Complete your registration information here.

      Registration deadline: November 15, 2024

      2.  Submit a registration fee of $125 (due with your registration) online here or by check to KINDLE, 8608 Poplar Bridge Curve,
           Bloomington, MN 55437.

      3.  If needed, please submit this form no later than November 15, 2024 to apply for a grant.








 We would love to walk with you as you discover your Next Callings.