Next Callings

Welcome to KINDLE: Next Callings!

We know as you progress through your church work career, you want to be energetic and peaceful for the day-to-day ministry and about what is ahead.  In order to do that, you need an intentional plan and a supportive community to continue serving God and His people and to transition well into your Next Callings.  Without an intentional plan, you may be feeling uncertain, confused, or even fearful.  Avoidance isn’t the answer.  Deep down you know the next season is about a lot more than finances, healthcare, and vacations.

Next Callings can help you prepare. You do not have to do this alone. And you can be equipped to help those in your congregation discover their next callings too.


Next Callings is designed for second chair ministry leaders, over age fifty and/or within 10 years of retirement. Retirement might be a distant dream or looming big.  


A powerful learning experience with a vibrant community of leaders in a similar season of life.

Launch with a four-day in-person learning event. Start your journey with your learning circle, dive deep into the process and tools for creating your plan and equipping others.

Continue your journey with your learning circle via weekly online meetings.   Learn, grow, work on your plan, process what you are doing in the congregation, provide and receive support and accountability with your learning circle.


The learning event is held at University of St. Mary of the Lake Conference Center in Mundelein, Illinois (outside Chicago).  The learning event begins promptly at 5pm on Monday and concludes at 12pm Thursday.  Online meetings are held via Zoom.

It’s NOT just about you and your Next Callings.  You will be equipped to share the tools, resources, and processes with members of your congregation who are close to retirement or recently retired.  You can help them discover and embrace their Next Callings in their homes, congregations, and communities.

We believe you have an important purpose today and in retirement. 

We would love to walk with you as you discover your Next Callings.