Along the Root River Trail in Preston, Minnesota, there are some classic, beautiful Fall sights.  This tree caught my attention along the path.  What was once a strong, vibrant tree is now a victim of high water.  It is caught on the bridge piling outside of town.  The tangled root ball that once nurtured the tree is fully exposed without purpose.  It is an unsettling sight next to the refreshing river rapids.

Like the tree, current events have uprooted many ministries.  This critical time to raise up Christ-like servant leaders gives us an opportunity.  Your generosity and prayer through KINDLE prepares leaders with the heart of Christ to follow God and equip believers, even when organizations are twisted and gnarled. 

Given the opportunity, new leaders can join us at the refreshing water of Baptism.  We can “Shine Jesus” into the changing world, resolved to do more than restore the past.

Unfortunately, some full time second chair ministry leaders lack the funding for the KINDLE training experiences.

KINDLE’s Day of Giving on October 28 has the special focus to provide a grant to assist these rising leaders.

The goal is to raise $10,000 to pay for some of the next generation Christ-like servant leaders’ expenses.

I pray you will join us.  Make a gift that will help other leaders grow.  Your gift will encourage and help a second chair leader strengthen Christ-like leadership in his or her own home and congregation!

Dave Rahberg

Chairman, KINDLE Day of Giving