Angie Brenner, Director of Christian Education (DCE) at Trinity Lutheran Church in Jefferson City, Missouri, shares the impact of leading Servant Leader Gatherings with various groups.

I am a government employee by day and DCE by night and weekend. I am so thankful for my opportunities in both career paths, which seem to be from two different worlds. God works in many ways, and He has bridged my two paths in ways I never imagined.

My day job is very supportive of everything I do in my second career at Trinity. When I told them of my KINDLE opportunity, they were
excited, supportive, and ready to learn.

After my first KINDLE learning event, I contemplated what to bring back with me. For my congregation, that was easy – the Servant Leader Gathering. As I prepared for my congregation’s Gathering, I noticed that I had many examples from my day job that also applied.

But how would I host the Gathering without blatantly bringing church work into the government workplace? It is a balance – who we are and how we let Christ shine through what we do is inevitable. I let this thought simmer in my mind for a bit while I hosted my congregation’s Gathering.

The church Gathering went extremely well. We experienced tables of great conversation and many emotions during the post-it note timeline. They were excited and ready for more. Again, I noticed people talking about Cultivating Individuals their work experiences and how it impacted their lives. How we can be Christ-like servants within our church walls, but more importantly, that we can do this outside of the church walls. This was it. I decided to take the Gathering to work.

The angle for work was slightly different. With a little research, I was able to find information about the servant environment of a government workforce. Most people do not go into government work for the money, but do it because of their servant hearts. It is little pay and long hours. It sounds just like church work!

With permission from our Human Resources department, I held the servant leadership training with my staff, a small group of five individuals. Our Human Resources staff joined us as well to see what it was all about. We spent two hours talking about servant leaders and discovering more about ourselves through the post-it note timeline. We all loved it!

By the end of the session, the staff wanted to start growth plans, and our Human Resources department wanted to incorporate it with their Leadership Academy. Since that time, I have hosted two more of these sessions with targeted staff. In each session, the staff took this experience and applied it to their home lives, which seems to be a full circle from our church gatherings.

To me though, the best part about all of this is that, in each session, the staff brought up their faith and how they incorporate it into their work. God is truly at work in all we do, and Christ-Like servant leadership is alive outside of our church walls.

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