What you are learning right now?

Each summer, five wonderful friends and I get together for Bible study.  This summer we are digging into KINDLE’s Cultivating Health Servant Leader Journey guide.  So blessed by the Scripture, the conversation, the prayer … and the growth plan.

Maybe it has been awhile since you’ve created and tackled a growth plan, KINDLE-style. 

Or maybe you always have one (or two!) going. 

For this summer … and this study with this group of women … God led me to choose the “Grow in Wisdom” practice from the Cultivating Health strand for my growth plan.  I’m leaning into the skill: Pursue learning opportunities that stimulate the intellectual health of a Christ-like servant leader. 

The most powerful question in creating this growth plan was “Reason for selecting this outcome.”   Because of what is being lifted up in our country around racism, I find myself more than ever needing to “grow in wisdom” and to engage my “lifelong learner” skills.

I desire to listen more, learn more, and have a better understanding of the experiences of my brothers and sisters who are people of color and of the intersection of racism and my faith.  I am seeking God’s guidance on where, when, and how He is inviting me to respond, repent, and join Him in the journey of reconciliation, and peace, and loving my neighbor.  I’m not starting at ground zero, but with the help of God and my Bible study group and my growth plan, I am intentionally reading, watching, listening, talking with others and learning more this summer. It’s a beautiful, painful, messy journey. 

Christ-like servant leaders are lifelong learners — not simply to gain knowledge, but to grow in wisdom.

Always growing, always learning, always seeking to be more like my Savior,

Michelle Pavasars

Executive Director

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