As KINDLE remembers, celebrates, and responds during its 20th anniversary year, we are delighted to introduce to you the Dave & Caree Rahberg Living Legacy. Living Legacies are one way we can remember Christ-like servant leaders who have impacted our lives.

Dave and Caree, through their life and service, exemplify Christ-like servant leadership.  They exude warmth, inclusiveness, and heart for those who find themselves on the margins of life.  Both are skilled teachers and they use their gifts in ways that enhance the Church by fostering and multiplying Christ-like servant leaders.

Throughout her career, Caree has ministered in low income schools as teacher, administrator, librarian, and instructional coach in Manhattan, Kansas and in the Dallas, Texas area.

Dave has served as a Director of Christian Education in four different LCMS congregations in Nebraska, Kansas, and, most recently at Prince of Peace Lutheran, in Carrollton, Texas.  Sharing his gifts with the Church at large, he has also served in district and national youth gatherings and the LEA-TEAM.  Dave blessed KINDLE by serving on the Board of Directors from 2009-2019, eight years of which were as vice president and president.

Together, Dave and Caree continue to nurture the souls around them, sharing God’s love in Bible Studies, encouraging the financially challenged through the Open Table Ministry, mentoring young folks, and inviting people to follow God’s mission where it may take them.

We invite you to support KINDLE through the Dave & Caree Rahberg Living Legacy and KINDLE’s 16 other living legacies at