Grace Amidst the Storms:  KINDLE: Finishing Well

KINDLE Finishing Well has been such a blessing currently in my life.  It is reinforcing the focus and direction of my Christ-like servant leader role in my congregation, in my family, and in the communities in which I live. 

Presently our circle is going through A Praying Life by Paul Miller, and it feels like grace amidst the storm of pandemics and chaos.  A reminder that God is in control of everything is food for the soul.  I shared this book two years ago in a Bible Study for women and the prayer life of the group changed dramatically.  Still today, we refer to it and the focus it brought to relying on God for everything.

As we continue in this uncertain time, I am grateful for the “centering” of our Finishing Well Legacy Circle each week.  Our time together is so helpful as we struggle through our own personal concerns, dealing with the pandemic, and facing the racial and political divides within our communities and nation. It helps to hear other suggestions for “opening up” worship, music possibilities virtually, and the positive feedback given one to the other.

I am looking forward to meeting at the next Learning Event in September, God-willing. The Learning Events spur us on to continue the journey as a Christ-like servant leader.  Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

Dawn Tayon

2019-2021 KINDLE: Finishing Well Associate

Minister of Music, Zion Lutheran Church, Belleville, Illinois