Dear KINDLE Friends,

For a good while now, we have been asking ourselves the question, “Could KINDLE’s ideas and principles be useful in the lives of children and families?”

Of course the answer is a resounding “YES”

And in that joyful response, I am humbled and excited to let you know that KINDLE has published a new resource for families called:

Kindling the Heart—Family Edition:

Nurturing Young Christ-like Servant Leaders

The book contains a set of 52 devotions intended to help families connect with God’s Word and with KINDLE’s Strands, Practices, and Grace-filled Marks.

What a deep pleasure it was to write this book!

Each devotion includes:

• Scripture
• A Big Idea
• Two “Talk About This” questions
• A prayer
• A “Try This” idea for an action step

There is also a section in the book, written by Audrey Duensing-Werner, called “Tips for Families” in which she gives helps for families who may be starting a new journey in family devotions.

Others who contributed to the book are Michelle Pavasars, Jason Christ, and Emily Phoenix (Editor).

“Kindling the Heart—Family Edition” is on sale on Amazon for $10 (click here). I sincerely pray this resource will be helpful in the ministry areas you serve and in families all over the country.


In His Light,

Sue Steege

Transformation Ministries

First Trinity Lutheran Church, Tonawanda, NY

2019-2021 Classic KINDLE Instructor