Last fiscal year, over $4,600 was designated to KINDLE from Thrivent Choice Dollars.  These dollars have a significant impact on KINDLE and its programs.  Caree Rahberg shared these encouraging words about why she and her husband, Dave, (shown above with their family) choose to designate their Thrivent Choice Dollars to KINDLE:

“As a Thrivent members, Dave and I are delighted one of benefits of Thrivent is the ability to support a ministry that is near and dear to our hearts through Thrivent Choice Dollars. It is easy to set up and be generous, too.  By designating KINDLE as the recipient of our Thrivent Choice Dollars, we can continuously support the vibrant ministry of KINDLE. Thrivent Choice Dollars and are simple, ongoing ways to access matching funds with our routine purchases. It makes a lovely addition to our regular gifts to KINDLE.”

Would you consider designating your Thrivent Choice Dollars to KINDLE so that many more individuals may be trained and energized to develop Christ-like servant leadership in their congregations, homes, and communities?  Here’s how:  Go to, look for My Thrivent, and choose Direct Thrivent Choice Dollars.