20 Years in 2020!  

This week, at the largest gathering of people in the KINDLE community scheduled for this year, 70 church workers had the opportunity to remember, celebrate, and respond to the rich and blessed 20 years of fostering and multiplying Christ-like servant leaders through KINDLE. You are invited to join in the birthday celebration as well throughout 2020.

Those attending Classic KINDLE, Finishing Well, Recent Graduates, Board members, and the Operations Council reflected on the humble beginnings when a group of Directors of Christian Education (DCEs) approached Bill Karpenko about establishing a scholarship fund for students entering DCE ministry.  With a heart for seeing personal and professional growth of church workers in order to impact their congregations in a powerful way, Bill and those DCEs instead started to shape a mission and vision for what we now know as KINDLE.

When did you enter the KINDLE community?  How has KINDLE shaped you for Christ-like servant leadership?

The vision and mission is alive and well.  During this year, you are invited to remember, reflect, and praise God for the impact of KINDLE on your life, in your congregation, and your community.  Remembering the initiatives and various KINDLE activities in your prayers is also welcomed.  A prayer magnet to guide you through the year is available, if you have not already received it.

On Monday evening, after worship at St. Mary, using songs that were popular 20 years ago and a beautiful litany lead by Bill, we shared in a 20th birthday party celebrating KINDLE and all those who have made KINDLE possible.

This birthday party, of sorts, is extended into the homes of everyone in the KINDLE community this year with a small birthday treat to celebrate the the life, ministry, and baptismal identity in Christ that we share.  Watch for yours in the mail.

In April, KINDLE’s birth month, the next iteration of the dearly loved devotional resource “Kindling the Heart:  Nurturing Young Christ-like Servant Leaders” will be provided to those in the KINDLE community.  Congregations will be invited into the celebration as well.

And finally, during this year, if you desire to respond to how God has worked in your life through KINDLE, we are inviting everyone in the KINDLE community to host a birthday fundraiser on Facebook or via email.  If 200 people in the KINDLE community ask 20 friends to join them in supporting KINDLE with a gift of $20, we would collectively give a birthday gift to KINDLE of $80,000 to propel KINDLE into the next years of fostering and multiplying Christ-like servant leaders!

Happy birthday, KINDLE! We have much to remember, celebrate, and respond to as we consider the profound influence KINDLE has had on the lives of God’s people and His church!  Let’s keep building this community in the years to come.

Sandy Wendelin,

20th Anniversary Coordinator

P.S. Join us throughout this Lenten season at 11 am (Central) for a series of live devotions on KINDLE’s Facebook page, as we focus our hearts and minds on Jesus, the ultimate servant leader. (facebook.com/kindleservantleaders