My wife Beth and I attended the KINDLE: Couples learning event in January.  My purpose was twofold.  I have been on the KINDLE Board of Directors for over a year.  I thought attending a learning event would help give me a better understanding of the operations side of KINDLE and, as a result, I could better serve KINDLE.

Second, it seemed like a very interesting couples event.  There are lots of couples marriage seminars, but this one is unique.  It asked:  How could we as a couple advance ministry?

The learning event exceeded my expectations. One part of the training that we personally found very beneficial was writing a growth plan as a couple. Beth and I chose the strand of Cultivating Individuals, 3.1 Staying Connected, with the grace-filled mark of Leadership. 

We somewhat recently moved to a new house and, due to the distance from our old church, changed congregations. Our travel schedules over the last year kept us away from home quite a bit.  As a result, we have not been as engaged in our new church home as we would like to be.

Our growth plan centered around being very intentional about being engaged in all opportunities in our congregation for both worship and fellowship. Worship is something we always look forward to, but the Sunday night fellowship of open bowling – not always so much.

Keeping with our growth plan of staying connected, we went bowling (it was in the plan) and had a great time. Without the growth plan I’m not sure we would have done that.

What a blessing KINDLE: Couples turned out to be for us.  It has already helped us grow personally and in ministry as a couple.  Hopefully we will be able to use the tools we learned at our congregation in the future. 

Paul Schneider

Member, KINDLE Board of Directors