The final years of ministry can bring unique challenges.

Perhaps it’s the “sandwich generation” challenge of providing support for adult children while also caring for one or more aged parents.  Perhaps it’s the challenge of keeping skills fresh or worrying about the financial situation of the church you serve – will your position disappear? Maybe it’s yet another pastoral change or a vacancy.  Sometimes it’s the worry of a tired worker – can I make it to the end?

Of course there are unique joys as well – those full circle, moments when someone you served long ago lets you know that you made a difference in their lives or when what looks like an ending turns out to be a beautiful new beginning.

What I have loved most about KINDLE: Finishing Well is the way it connects 2nd chair leaders in their final years of ministry to Jesus and to one another. 

Suddenly you are with those who “get it” and who become your encouragers and cheerleaders as you plan for the legacy you can leave behind in the final years of professional service and consider what new winds might be blowing for the years after.

Christ-like servant leadership never stops – it just changes venue!  It’s never too late to have an impact!

I’ve heard my fellow “KFWers” speak words that I, too, have felt –

“This came along at just the right time!”
“It means so much to know I am not the only one who felt this way.”
“I think this is going to be great for my area of ministry and for my congregation.”
“KFW is causing me to think in new ways.”

Many of those attending the first Learning Event on September 16-19 in Mundelein, Illinois had the same reactions.

As an instructor and circle coach, I’ve seen waning energies refreshed; burn out nipped in the bud; unexpected hardship turn into resilience; and heartache turn into healing. 

I’ve seen Associates get fresh perspectives and learn practical strategies for the transitions ahead.  I’m always thankful that I get to be part of the good things God is doing through KINDLE: Finishing Well.   

Jill Hasstedt, Director of Christian Education, Family Ministry

Zion Lutheran Church and School, Belleville, Illinois

Instructor and Circle Coach

2019-2021 KINDLE: Finishing Well