Change is in the air; a new season is upon us. A new school year, changing leaves, cooler temperatures and new rhythms. So often with a new season comes new opportunities, especially in our journey as Christ-like servant leaders.

In September, Classic KINDLE and KINDLE: Finishing Well began new cycles of learning. Both groups have eager Associates and new leadership on the training teams.

There was excitement as a new learning cycle began in Mundelein,
Illinois. New Classic KINDLE Dean, Lisa Hellyer, felt ready because of the apprentice coaching model that is not only taught, but put into practice. “KINDLE has done a great job in helping me to get ready to serve as the Dean of Classic KINDLE. During the last learning cycle I served as the Apprentice Dean under the leadership of Sue Steege. During that learning cycle I had the opportunity to see the Dean in action and to ask whatever questions came to mind.”

It would have been easy to play the comparison game, but Lisa was able to put it into perspective. “When following in the footsteps of a gifted leader, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that I have to lead in the same way. I have learned that is not true! God has gifted each of us differently and uses those gifts to lead His people.”

New Associate, Steven Whitney sees opportunities to grow in this new season. “I approached Classic KINDLE with eagerness. Regular conferences are great for networking and catching a couple nuggets of wisdom and new insight into ministry, but this learning initiative is completely different than any other conference — and that excites me.”

Judy Rink, a KINDLE: Finishing Well Associate, was thankful for the timing. “I love learning new things, both related to ministry and otherwise, but can struggle with balance. KINDLE was beginning as some of my other commitments were finishing up, so I was excited to finally be a part of it!”

One of the core features of the KINDLE experience is the learning circle. Each Associate is assigned to a small group with other Associates and a coach. They spend time together during the learning event, but also meet on a weekly basis via video chat.

“The learning circle is the best part of being involved in KINDLE. It is where the ‘magic’ happens and is the very heartbeat of Classic KINDLE. Associates have two years in the same learning circle where they are supported, encouraged, and have accountability as they work on Growth Plans and ministry goals,” said Lisa Hellyer.

The learning circle provides built-in support for an Associate, unique from many learning experiences, which promote individual discipline.

“I’m excited to go through the Christ-like servant leader transformation process with a group, as opposed to trying to navigate on my own. I’m excited to spend the next two years meeting with my circle – to share our
experiences of trial and error, highs and lows, and have the accountability and support as we work through our growth plans,”
said Steven Whitney.

“Having regular, focused conversations where we also pray together and hold each other accountable is a wonderful way to build community. I’ve only been a part of my learning circle for a few weeks, but its members are very important to me! It’s a joy to regularly share the ups and downs of ministry as well as work on my growth plan with like-minded church workers,” said Judy Rink.

Any new season can be difficult, but the KINDLE experience of growing Christ-like servant leaders provides tools for everyone to be successful.

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