A personal story of thanks by Korey Danley, Classic KINDLE Associate …

Greetings! My name is Korey Danley. I am a Director of Christian Education (DCE), serving as the High School Ministry Director at Christ Lutheran Church and Education Center in Overland Park, Kansas. My wife, Tiffany Danley, also serves at Christ Lutheran as the Director of Discipleship. We have two beautiful girls, Tenley (5) and Sybianna (3), and are expecting our third child in May.  I recently completed the 2016-2018 Classic KINDLE Learning Cycle. This opportunity not only impacted my own life but also the lives of my family and those with whom I minister.

In some ways, our KINDLE story began with KINDLE recruitment phone calls. I was four years into my second call, and I was having a difficult time. I was questioning the call to my current congregation, my professional calling as a DCE, as well as struggling spiritually and emotionally. I was sinking. As a result, I started seeking medical and counseling care while still questioning my longevity in ministry. I had been pondering leaving DCE ministry, but I had no direction of where to go for additional education or to which profession. After prayer and conversation with Tiffany, I began a search for a Master’s program in Organizational Leadership.

However, God changed the direction for me in 2016. I received two phone calls within the year from KINDLE. During the second phone call, which was with Bill Karpenko, I began to understand that KINDLE would be the perfect stepping stone for me as well as my congregation. With approval and funding from my congregation, I began Classic KINDLE in September 2016. Little did I know what God had in store for me, my family, and my professional ministry throughout the KINDLE experience.

When I returned from my first learning event, Tiffany saw a completely different person than she had observed over the past few years. I was uplifted by the lessons and worship time. At KINDLE, I was prayed for. I had a safe place to share about ministry through my KINDLE Circle, and I reviewed new resources to teach and inform my congregation on my passion area of Servant Leadership. These things alone were helpful, but adding growth plans and accountability to make sure I had healthy boundaries were tremendous. Learning coaching techniques and taking part in book studies with my Circle rejuvenated me for ministry and assisted in bringing me back from the fog I was carrying around. I started to interact more and be present with my family once again.

KINDLE is not only about growth as an Associate, but also about raising and challenging Christ-Like Servant Leaders in congregations. While I grew as an individual leader, I also grew in relationship with others in my congregation. I began leading Cluster groups with the preschool staff and the youth leadership team. I had the joy of watching God at work as they were challenged in their growth plans, their daily Bible readings, and our conversations. One participant began leading in the Small Group Ministry. Another began a new Cluster group of preschool parents who were struggling to find a church home. I enjoyed hearing about God’s work in families as they put together a faith action plan for their homes during the “Servant Leadership in the Home” Gathering.

Through my two-year KINDLE Cycle, I was refreshed and rejuvenated for ministry and life in general. As I engaged with KINDLE practices, I was challenged to set boundaries, think differently, and encouraged to keep pressing on, even if it was difficult. KINDLE has allowed me to love ministry again and has spoken truth and life back into me as a child of God, husband, father, and DCE. I am thankful for God calling me into this experience and for allowing me to cross paths with some amazing colleagues and mentors I now count as friends. During the last few months of my KINDLE experience, I accepted a new call. I look forward to continuing to share the resources of KINDLE within my new congregation.

Thank you to the donors who have made KINDLE possible for me and the many other Associates. My family and I believe strongly in KINDLE and the transformation it continues to make in the lives of its Associates and those with whom they come in contact. May God continue to bless you as you continue to support and “foster and multiply Christ-like Servant Leaders.”

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