A note from Elvin Harms, Jr., President of KINDLE’s Board of Directors:

The principle of generosity has piqued my interest more than usual of late, due in large part to activities in my home congregation, including a spiritual gifts assessment. The ultimate example of generosity is, of course, evidenced by God’s love for us to the point of the sacrificing his Son, our Savior Jesus, for our salvation. True human generosity is shown by cheerful giving, with almost reckless abandon, and no thought of personal gain, aside from the satisfaction of reflecting God’s love and showing Him thanks, as we read in 2 Corinthians 9. That sounds a lot like Christ-like servant leadership.

In ‘KINDLEspeak,’ generosity is, in part, embodied by the Strategic Goal of Abundant Resources – time, finances, and strategic alliances which support KINDLE’s current and expanding ministry. Without these, KINDLE simply would not exist. The Holy Spirit has endowed all members of the KINDLE community with a wealth of resources – the talents of those who plan and carry out KINDLE’s initiatives, a generous staff who goes above and beyond, and especially you, our generous donors.

So many examples of generosity on behalf of KINDLE abound and are apparent in a wide variety of ways. Generosity of time is shown by those who develop, enhance, produce, lead, and participate in our initiatives. Generosity in sharing skills is a trait found in members of KINDLE’s Operations Teams, the Board, Treasurer, and Operations Coordinator. Generosity of vision can be ascribed to KINDLE’s namesake and founder, Bill Karpenko, and those who have traveled with him to move KINDLE to where it is today. While the mantle of leadership has been passed on to KINDLE’s Executive Director, Les Stroh, and new Operations Director, Michelle Pavasars, the spirit of generosity continues. KINDLE is clearly interwoven with generous spirits of all sorts. You, our donors, are the front line of generosity to KINDLE, providing the necessary financial support. As co-stewards who, in faith, intentionally invest yourselves and your God-given resources to enhance and expand the kingdom of God through the KINDLE mission and ministry, you have our gratitude for your cheerful and extravagant giving!

Within this Annual Report, you will find the list of generous supporters of KINDLE and its mission, yourself included. I am again humbled by this expanding number and am especially grateful for our supporting congregations, since that is where KINDLE strives to carry out its mission. Please also note the comments regarding KINDLE’s financial review and the testimonials from a variety of KINDLE’s donors. We have a responsibility to utilize your generosity with the reverence that a gift from God deserves. Collectively, we strive to do just that.