KINDLE: Finishing Well is undergoing a redesign. Please check back at a later date.

This two-year program engages second chair ministry leaders who are 50 years or older and have served in a congregational role for at least 10 years. Similar to Classic KINDLE, with four in-depth learning events, interactive learning circles, veteran coaches, and powerful resources, this program encourages personal growth and development of others as Christ-like Servant Leaders. Finishing Well brings energy to the ministry of a mature and experienced church worker seeking to leave a legacy.

How will KINDLE: Finishing Well benefit you?

You will be inspired and equipped to leave a congregational legacy built upon:

  • Scores of well-equipped lay leaders who use their Christ-like servant leadership to impact people with the love of Jesus.
  • Energized lay leaders who are Christ-like servant leaders in their congregation, home, workplace, and community.
  • A well-understood servant leader development path that strengthens people’s capacity to minister to others as a Christ-like Servant Leader.

Who should participate in KINDLE: Finishing Well?

KINDLE: Finishing Well is generally designed for second chair ministry leaders who:

  • Desire to mature as a Christ-like servant leader.
  • Have at least 10 years of full-time, remunerated ministry experience in a congregational setting.
  • Are planning to retire in the next 15 years or less.
  • Serve with a supportive pastoral teammate.
  • Are self-directed learners eager to develop others as Christ-like servant leaders.

A significant part of this two-year experience centers on leaving a legacy of identifying, inviting, and apprenticing congregational members to become Christ-like Servant Leaders. You will explore how you can intentionally optimize your final years of public ministry and, when that day comes, positively transition out of full-time public ministry into some other ways of following Jesus.

How does KINDLE: Finishing Well work?

KINDLE: Finishing Well uses a 2-year learning cycle that includes:

  • Four learning events at a retreat center. Single occupancy rooms and meals are provided during the event.
  • Weekly contact with a learning cluster of 5-6 people, facilitated by veteran KINDLE Associates currently serving in Congregations.
  • Small and large group experiences led by you in your ministry area, based on KINDLE’s resource materials. Training and materials for these experiences are provided by KINDLE.

The desired outcome is that you will impact lay people in your ministry area in a way that deepens their commitment to Christ-like servant leadership. There are four major emphases, the KINDLE Strands, that are at the heart of the KINDLE process, and which strengthen the church worker’s effectiveness in their pursuit of being a Christ-like Servant Leader:

  • Cultivating Faith
  • Cultivating Health
  • Cultivating Individuals
  • Cultivating Groups

Registration Fees

  • To be determined.
  • Payment plans and financial grants available.