Will you be attending a conference, retreat, or other event in your district this year?

Here’s a unique way to share your KINDLE story and give away some fun things to your colleagues.

We will provide everything you need (And YOU get a free Baptized & Beloved t-shirt!)

KINDLE can’t be a representative at all of the district conventions, gatherings, and other events throughout the year. We’ve created a box of resources where those in the KINDLE community can share their KINDLE story and information about KINDLE initiatives when they attend something in their district. You can informally share about KINDLE as you meet people throughout the event.

The box contains, but is not limited to, a Baptized and Beloved t-shirt (for you!) and a number of giveaways — KINDLE devotionals, a Servant Leader Journey Guides, vinyl stickers, pens, and brochures about upcoming initiatives and resources. Anything that’s left over can be given away at another time or setting or you can keep them for yourself!

Do you have an event in mind?

Sign up here to receive your Conference in a Box.

Questions? Contact the KINDLE office at

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