As KINDLE launches the public phase of the Equip Serve Multiply campaign, we focus on this question for the month of April:

This is a story of multiplication where a conversation about the Strand of Cultivating Health between a father (Bill Karpenko) and his daughter grew into an unlikely conversation among eight women.

For the past 15 years I have engaged my three adult “children” in an annual “Father-Son” or “Father-Daughter” dialogue. The two- to three-hour conversation has taken place at various times during the day and always around the new year. The dialogues are structured around a format that each of the kids have chosen from several options that one or both of us have proposed.  One of those options, as alluded to earlier, is that we dialogue around the KINDLE Strand of Cultivating Health.

For many years, Cultivating Health continues to be the choice of my daughter and we take turns talking about how we are experiencing the five practices in our lives. I speak from a perspective of how they help me to grow as a Christ-like servant leader and my daughter speaks as one who uses the practices to help her grow as a person. What is amazing is how powerfully the practices speak to her even though she is not a follower of Jesus. This five-practice framework has offered us many precious moments, and deepened our love for one another. 

What surprised me several years ago was that my daughter asked if it would be ok if she used the practices with a friend group of hers who were looking for a format that would help them to “be more intentional in their life and talk more seriously with each other.”  What a wonderful multiplying effect of the Strand of Cultivating Health!

That group of women found the practices very helpful, and they continue to return to them from time to time even though most of them live with multiple pressures from raising children, work, and other commitments.

Who knows how much further those eight women have used the practices of Cultivating Health in their daily life, and perhaps shared them with others in their extended family, work setting, and community involvements? 

William O. Karpenko II


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