Registration for the next Classic KINDLE Cycle is now open!

See why Annie Anderson said “Yes” to KINDLE in the video below.

At this time in the church year the lessons from John tell of those who became believers after hearing the eyewitness accounts of encounters with Jesus. An eyewitness is believed because they have firsthand knowledge of the person or experience that they are sharing with others.

Sharing a firsthand experience of involvement with the core values of KINDLE is the most effective way to encourage others to experience KINDLE for themselves.

As a 2nd Chair ministry professional, you have probably felt the stress that builds over time as relationships, boundaries, and budgets all get squeezed. Classic KINDLE refreshes your ministry with the right tools, rhythms, and accountability to get unstuck and begin to see meaningful progress and experience vibrancy in your ministry.

If have been in Classic KINDLE, then you have the story of that experience to share.

As a 2004 Classic KINDLE Associate, I struggled with the balance of ministry and family and the many challenges of serving a congregation. KINDLE was a blessing to me in my ministry as I connected to other 2nd chair leaders with accountability to my KINDLE circle, built better routines, and used the tools KINDLE provides. I also saw congregation members gain confidence in their leadership that allowed them to follow God’s calling into new avenues of service in the congregation and community. As the Recruitment Team Leader I have shared my eyewitness account of the difference KINDLE made in my life with others.

I challenge those who are KINDLE Associates to share your story with other mid-career 2nd chair leaders in your District and circles of influence.

Encourage DCEs, Deaconesses, Preschool Directors, Music Ministers, Youth Directors, and Family Life Ministers to register for the next two-year cycle of Classic KINDLE.

The dates are:

September 18-21, 2023

February 5-8, 2024

September 23-26, 2024

February 3-6, 2025

All events take place at the University of St. Mary of the Lake Conference Center, Mundelein, Illinois.

Registration is now open with an Early Registration cost of $4,800 by March 31. Regular registration is $5,200 by May 15 and includes program, lodging, and meals. KINDLE also has payment plans and financial scholarships available.

If they have questions, they can find further information at KINDLE’s website here. Letters have gone out and contacts are being made by the Recruitment Team of Jessica Dvorak, Laura Kuegele, Gary Bach, Wade Johnson, Tara Darling, Heather Vahl, Erika Mitts, Jennifer Brown Hills, myself, and Michelle Pavasars. Those interested may also contact us.

Your eyewitness account of what the Holy Spirt did through Classic KINDLE in your life could be the encouragement someone else needs right now.

Martha Strong – Recruitment Team Leader

US Army Director of Religious Education

Fort Leonard Wood, MO

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