When you choose to designate your Thrivent Choice Dollars to KINDLE, the impact of those dollars multiplies through the KINDLE Associates into their congregations and everyone touched by those Christ-like servant leaders.

How do I know?

I hear all about it when I am with our KINDLE Associates at their learning events, like the one in September 2022.

Associates share stories from the Servant Leader Gathering events they lead in their congregations that help church members recognize and embrace their Christ-like servant leader calling.

  • Church members engage in exploring how God has been and continues to work in their lives, so that they can encourage those around them.
  • They deepened their understanding of what it means to be a Christ-like servant leader and how to live out that identity in their congregation and their homes, workplaces, and community.
  • Some will choose to continue to grow and multiply by being part of a small group experience focused on cultivating Christ-like servant leader practices in their lives.

Your designation of your 2022 Thrivent Choice Dollars to KINDLE will continue to support the development of these Christ-like servant leaders.

How do you “choose” KINDLE to receive your Thrivent Choice Dollars?

Please join me in choosing to support the multiplication of Christ-like servant leaders with Thrivent Choice dollars.

Thanking the Lord for you,

Michelle Pavasars

Executive Director

P.S.  Don’t miss this simple, yet powerful, opportunity to support KINDLE’s ministry.

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