Don’t we love the story of the journeying Magi, seeking out the “one who has been born king of the Jews” (Matthew 2:1-12)! Their journey was long and fraught with challenges, including their encounter with Herod.  But they had each other, companions in the journey.

Second chair ministry leaders also benefit from and find joy from companions in the journey.

Learning circle coaches are vital companions during the KINDLE learning experience.  

You can provide a coach, a companion in the journey, for a KINDLE learning circle.

Your year-end gift of $200 underwrites one learning circle coach at an upcoming learning event. Learning circle coaches play a vital role in supporting the learning and growth of KINDLE participants. Coaches are companions in the Christ-like servant leader journey.

If you are a KINDLE Associate, remember your learning circle coach by designating your gift in honor of them. Include their name with your donation and we will send them a note of encouragement in your name.

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