The Cultivating Individuals Practice 3.3 of ‘Equip to Multiply’ has several steps in order to be intentional in growing people’s capacity as Christ-like Servant Leaders. This past year, I have engaged in conversations with KINDLE’s leadership to pursue the first step of ‘Identifying’ new second chair leader audiences and pointing them to valuable resources created by KINDLE.

One of those conversations occurred with Advancement Team leader, Cassie Drenkow, at the KINDLE exhibit at the Lutheran Educators Convocation (LEA) in Milwaukee in early October. Educators are second chair leaders in their homes, congregations, communities, and most specifically, schools.

“We highlighted the term, ‘second chair leader’ and discussed how teachers have influence over students and families they work with on a daily basis,”  said Drenkow. “We made many connections and directed them towards the use of our Kindling the Heart devotions in the classroom and staff meetings.”

The opportunity to share KINDLE’s devotional resources created an avenue to invite educators to attend KINDLE’s first webinar: ‘Nurturing Young Christ-like Servant Leaders in our Homes, Congregations and Schools.’ This webinar will feature the practices of ‘Learn and Live Scripture’ and ‘Equip to Multiply,’ specifically the attitude outcome of, ‘Believe Christ-like Servant Leader potential exists in everyone,’ and will highlight KINDLE’s family edition devotional as we seek to raise up young Christ-like servant leaders.

Emily Phoenix

New Programming Coordinator

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