I had the privilege of gathering in Mundelein, Illinois with KINDLE’s Advancement Team for our annual face-to-face meeting. This was on the heels of the Board Meeting that ended as I was arriving and during the 3rd learning event for the current Classic KINDLE learning cycle. Gathering together with different parts of the KINDLE Community is so encouraging and productive.

I’m reminded during times like these of the gift that so many of you bring to KINDLE. Whether it’s serving on the Board or a KINDLE team currently or in the past, your service is invaluable to KINDLE. So many give their time and gifts to this great work and I’m always amazed at what God is doing through all of you–and that’s just what I get to see!

There’s also something great that comes from focused time together as a team or community. In Advancement, we meet monthly via Zoom to continue our efforts to promote KINDLE, but it’s at these face-to-face meetings where creativity truly bursts forth as we get past the hurried action items and into the dreaming. I’m sure Board members would say the same–as would our current Associates who are walking together through Classic KINDLE.

Please continue to keep the KINDLE Community in your prayers and look for opportunities to promote KINDLE in your spheres of influence. God is fostering and multiplying Christ-like Servant Leaders through your work!

Jason Christ

Associate Pastor

First Trinity Lutheran Church, Tonawanda, NY

KINDLE Advancement Team

2005 Classic KINDLE Associate

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