“KINDLE Christ-like servant leaders invest in developing and equipping other Christ-like servant leaders.”

This sentence describes – or perhaps defines – the KINDLE DNA strand of Cultivating Individuals. At its heart, KINDLE seeks to be about coming alongside others in their Christ-like servant leader journey … as they cultivate faith, health, individuals, and groups … as they, by living as Christ-like servant leaders, help others grow.

Helping someone else grow as a Christ-like servant leader can take many forms. It can certainly happen
in congregational settings, but it also happens in homes, workplaces, communities, and around the world.

You know intrinsically solid, Bible-based resources and tools support your efforts to help others grow. In addition to training, KINDLE seeks to develop and place into your hands vibrant Christ-like servant leader resources that you can easily use as you equip Christ-like servant leaders around you.

What are those tools? How are others using them? Let’s take a look …

Kindling the Heart: Nurturing Young Christ-like Servant Leaders – Family Devotional

Here’s a testimony from Cassie Drenkow, Director of Christian Education, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Willmar, Minnesota.

Last summer our Vacation Bible School (VBS) strategy needed to change gears. Our congregation had gone back to a semi-“normal” worship format, but our volunteers and families had not come back to participate as they had pre-Covid.

Our education ministry team decided to have four VBS nights during the summer, both on our campus and out in the community. We wanted to encourage families to spend time in devotions at home, so we used “Kindling the Heart: Nurturing Young Christ-like Servant Leaders” as a basis for our
curriculum. Each family who participated received a copy.

Throughout June and July we focused on four devotions: Baptized & Beloved Child of God, Roots to Fruits, Encourage One Another, and Learn and Live Scripture. We read the devotion together as a group and paired it with an activity.

One night we visited our local splash pad (photo above) and talked about what it mean to be a “baptized and beloved Child of God.”

Willmar has a high population of Somali families that have settled in the area and some of them
were present that night. The kids came and participated in crafts and our devotion, and it
was an encouragement to our leaders as they saw Somali kids writing their names on tags that also labeled them “Child of God.”

Another night we spent at a local park, where we talked about how our words can encourage others. After devotions and discussion, families painted messages on rocks and left them around the park
for individuals to find in the future.

Since last summer, we have added the devotional to our Milestone ministry worship bag, gifted to
young families to begin reading at home together. The resource was also used in a weekly video
devotion during the Covid shutdown when our congregation was not meeting in person. “Kindling the Heart: Nurturing Young Christ-like Servant Leaders” has been a great resource to share with families in our congregation.

Cultivating Second Chair Leaders Podcast Discussion Guides

Here’s a testimony from Emily Phoenix, KINDLE New Programming Coordinator.

As you have heard and prayed for, KINDLE launched a podcast titled, “Cultivating Second Chair Leaders” in early 2022. As we wrap up season two, there is much to celebrate, and a new resource to explore: KINDLE discussion guides.

The creation of the podcast discussion guide came about just before we launched the first season. As I was gathering quotes, audio clips, and engagement questions for the social media team to use in social sharing, I realized that the podcast wasn’t just for individual listening. Like other KINDLE resources, it centered around the mission to foster and multiply Christ-like servant leaders.

In August, I used the podcast discussion guide to lead a Director of Christian Education (DCE) cluster meeting. I recommended everyone listen to the podcast prior to our gathering, but individuals could still engage either way.

The conversation was fruitful around John 13, which was a focus for many of the podcast guests in
Season 2, and we were able to connect around the practice of “Recognize God’s Call.”

Have you considered the podcast a KINDLE resource that you can use with your circle, at staff meetings, or with a small group you gather with on a regular basis? The conversations are centered in Christ as the ultimate servant leader, provide second chair leader insight, and widen the perspective on
Cultivating Faith and Health practices in your daily lives. Listen to episodes and find the discussion guides at kindleservantleaders.org/podcast.

Servant Leader Journey Guides: 8-week growth experience for small groups

Looking for examples of how you can use the Servant Leader Journey Guides in your own setting? Check out the Cultivating Second Chair Leaders podcast bonus episode from June where Cheri Selander talks about how her congregation hosted a whole church campaign with a sermon series, in addition to using the eight-week journey guides.

“Don’t forget the influence you have on anybody in your congregation to use this resource as a tool for practices of faith.” – Cheri Selander

Cheri is Coordinator of Youth Ministries at Christ Lutheran Church, La Mesa, California.

We pray these stories inspire you to find others around you and to help them grow as Christ-like servant leaders. As so often is true, when we help others grow, God does some great growth work
in us, too!

Kindling the Heart devotionals and Servant Leader Journey Guides are available on Amazon.

The Cultivating Second Chair Leaders podcast is available wherever you listen to podcasts and on the KINDLE website.

Read more from the September 2022 KINDLE Life issue here.

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