What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word, obedience? Are you thinking happy thoughts? Are you thinking about your kids’ behavior and how you long for their obedience? Obedience is a word that often carries with it negative feelings. We might think of rules or punishment or even associate being oppressed with obedience, or simply something we don’t want to do. Obedience can be hard because it requires commitment, dedication, submission, or restraint.

Obedience is the Grace-filled Mark associated with the Strand and Practices of Cultivating Faith. As we are faithful to the intentional work of the five Practices in Cultivating Faith—Embrace Sabbath Living, Learn and Live Scripture, Pray Unceasingly, Witness Willingly, and Serve Others, the fruit of obedience is manifested in our lives. KINDLE defines it this way:

Cultivating faith results in the Grace-filled Mark of obedience. Obedience flows from our faith-filled response to God’s grace for us in Christ.

Obedience and grace are not a contradiction. Perhaps these words from Paul David Tripp from his book, New Morning Mercies can help.

“God’s call to obey is itself a grace. In this call, he is actively rescuing you . . . He really understands our wandering eyes and our oft-disloyal hearts. So he commands our allegiance so that we will not serve other masters . . . God’s call to obey doesn’t end your life; it is meant to protect the life that only he can give you.”

The Lord is inviting us to life and freedom through obedience to Him. When we embrace the truth that God knows us, loves us and wants the best for us, we can be assured that His commands are an invitation to relationship, rest, and freedom. I’ve experienced this from a different perspective. Perhaps you can relate.

“When I am speeding, I am not at rest. My eyes are darting everywhere looking for a speed trap. I don’t want a ticket but I also want to get to my destination as quickly as possible. So I risk it with my disobedience. When I see a police car, my heart immediately begins to race as I quickly hit the brakes, and look for lights in my rearview mirror. I am not free. But when I am going the speed limit, I’m enjoying the scenery or perhaps the conversation with others in the car. I am relaxed. When I pass a speed trap, I can smile and wave at the officer, knowing I’m okay.”

At KINDLE we believe:

Cultivating faith results in the Grace-filled Mark of obedience. Obedience flows from our faith-filled response to God’s grace for us in Christ.

How have you experienced the blessing of God’s invitation to obedience in response to His grace for you in Christ? We’d love to hear your story. Just send a reply to this email and we will share it with KINDLE.

Our prayer for you is that you will continue to know the deep and abiding love that is yours through Jesus, and that you will experience the invitation to a life of obedience to Him in response to all He has done for you.

Lisa Hellyer

Director of Engagement and Outreach, LeadaChild

Dean of 2021-2023 Classic KINDLE

2011 Classic KINDLE Associate

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