Registration for the next KINDLE: Recent Graduates, February 27-March 2, 2023 is now open! 

As a 2004 Classic KINDLE Associate, I did not have the opportunity to attend Recent Graduates because the first learning event was held in 2010.

I wish the opportunity had been there when I started in ministry in the 1990s.  I would have appreciated the wisdom regarding life balance, the opportunity for mentorship from seasoned KINDLE Associates, and the supportive network of peers that can be developed at KINDLE: Recent Graduates.

I have served as the KINDLE Recruitment Team Leader since 2009 and have encouraged many second chair leaders to participate in KINDLE: Recent Graduates. I believe those who participated have been blessed by the experience. Some participants have even said that attending gave them the encouragement they needed to stay in the ministry.

As a KINDLE Associate and/or supporter of the ministry of KINDLE you know the value of the learning event modules, mentorship, and a network of support by other second chair leaders that comes with KINDLE: Recent Graduates. Time and again our evaluations have shown that a one-to-one invitation is the most effective way to encourage others to register for KINDLE initiatives, be it Classic KINDLE, KINDLE: Finishing Well, or KINDLE: Recent Graduates.

I challenge you to reach out to a second chair ministry leader who has served in a congregational setting for four years or less and encourage them to register for KINDLE Recent Graduates.

If they have questions, they can attend the first information session on Zoom on Thursday, June 2nd at 10:00am (CDT), led by KINDLE: Recent Graduates Dean, Christine Eid and another training team instructor/coach.

Share the Recent Graduates information session sign up here.

Share information & how to register for Recent Graduates here.

Letters (including information and a brochure) have gone out and contacts are being made by the Recruitment Team of Jessica Dvorak, Alex Lillis, Alex Brice, Kim Holdeman, Jan Steinbrueck, and Malinda Standerfer over the next few months.

Your one-to-one invitation could be the push someone needs to register at a time when they really need what KINDLE: Recent Graduates can provide to help them thrive in their ministry.

Martha Strong

US Army Director of Religious Education

Fort Leonard Wood, MO

2004 Classic KINDLE Associate & KINDLE Recruitment Team Leader

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