When I look back on my KINDLE: Recent Graduates experience, one of the main benefits I think of is my introduction to this fantastic new community.

Recent Grads came at a pivotal point in my career as a Director of Christian Education (DCE). I had been at my first call for a couple of years, and I felt very isolated. There were not many other DCEs near where I lived and served, and I had moved far from family and friends. It really was a struggle, and I wasn’t sure what was going to help me to keep going.

Then I attended Recent Graduates, and not only did I learn a great deal, but I also saw the Strands and Practices that KINDLE teaches being demonstrated for me, right then and there – especially around Cultivating Groups. Throughout the event, the training team built a community out of a bunch of new 2nd-chair ministry leaders who came from all over the place. They connected us to a common vision and helped us learn to communicate with each other, as well as with the people we led and served. They encouraged us to stay in touch with each other and nurtured our ability to collaborate with one another.

Cultivating Groups results in the Grace-filled Mark of Community, and by the end of the event, it was clear: we all had a new community – and one that I am still happy to be a part of to this day. I am still in touch with many of those who were in my Circle at Recent Grads, even though most of us have seen many changes in our lives. Plus, I was connected to the greater KINDLE community, and have become friends with many people who know and love what KINDLE is all about.

Having this community has been an encouragement to me, and as I have continued in ministry and 2nd-chair leadership, I know that I have people in my corner who are praying for me and building me up, no matter where God calls me to serve. I am so thankful for this community that I have been blessed to become a part of, and I hope many more people can join us in the future!

Ryan Howard, Director of Christian Education

Lamb of God Lutheran Church, Humble, Texas

2016 KINDLE: Recent Graduates

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Would you like to take a look at KINDLE’s Strands & Practices and the Grace-Filled Marks? Here they are.

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