There is grand news to be celebrated! KINDLE has launched a Board of Directors-endorsed fundraising campaign entitled: Equip Serve Multiply.

Its purpose is very simple, and congregationally-focused:

To intensify and strengthen the capacity of a growing number of congregational Second Chair Leaders,

through new and impactful resources and training,

to foster and multiply Christ-like servant leaders in their congregation, home, workplace, community, and the world.

Leadership for the campaign includes: Sandy Jett and William O. Karpenko II, co-campaign chairs; Honorary Chairs: Richard Bimler, Audrey Duensing-Werner, Dean Nadasdy, and Sue Steege.  KINDLE’s staff of Michelle, Diane, and Emily, as well as Development Team members David Rahberg and Sandy Wendelin are also playing major roles in the fundraising process.

Currently, the campaign is in its Silent Phase, which means a select group of potential donors are being approached about giving a one-time gift or making a three-year pledge to the campaign. 

The results so far: $237,746 has been pledged!  What an amazing outpouring of generosity!  

Are you surprised?  We are not.  The KINDLE community is generous.  Plus, the KINDLE mission is worthy of support.  In fact, supporting Second Chair Leaders, lay or staff, who are Christ-like servant leaders is crucial during these days of massive congregational change and chaotic behavior in the world.

The initial goal of the campaign is $300,000.  The dream goal will be announced over the summer.

Thirty-two people have volunteered to be campaign askers.  This mighty group deserves our thanks and praise.  We will share their names in a coming KINDLE News

One addition thought: If you have not been asked to contribute to Equip Serve Multiply, get ready.  You day is coming as the public phase of the campaign opens in late summer.    

KINDLE’s mission is vital for our congregations, homes, workplaces, and communities.  You continue to make it so.  We have great visions for KINDLE’s future. Your support in the coming weeks and months will help to make them a reality.  

You Christ-like servant leader friends…

Sandy Jett    William O. Karpenko II   Michelle Pavasars

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