During the current cycle of 2021-2023 Classic KINDLE, training team members Michael Harvey (instructor), above right, and Circle Coach Andy Muich (apprentice instructor), above left, are engaging with the Cultivating Individuals practice of “Equip to Multiply.”  They are using the Apprenticing Model that has been taught to many Associates. Here’s a peek into how the process is going for each of them.

Andy: When Dean Lisa Hellyer first approached me with the invitation to participate as an apprentice instructor this cycle, I was nervous, but grateful for the opportunity to support the KINDLE community in such a way. Those nerves were quickly put to rest when she said that Michael Harvey would be my coach and guide me along using the KINDLE Apprenticing Model.

Michael: In the first learning event of the learning cycle, Andy and I operated in the first step of the Apprenticing Model, “I do, you watch, we talk.”  We let the Associates know that we were going through the model, but they really did not see anything different.  In the second learning event, we stepped into the second step, “I do, you help, we talk.”  Now the Associates could see Andy up front. 

Andy: What I’ve appreciated the most is the intentionality of the “we talk” portion of each step of the model. The two-way feedback has been so helpful and has already produced some good fruit.

Michael: Andy is able to see the rhyme and reason to what we teach and how we teach it.  In addition, Andy has given valuable feedback and thoughts that we can immediately apply to the module to make it better.  I personally grow through the process of looking at the material through new eyes, as I share with Andy.

Andy: The equipping piece of “Equip to Multiply” requires intentionality and investment, but is what ultimately leads to successful and sustainable multiplication of Christ-like servant leaders.

Michael: When a class of Associates have healthy apprenticeships modeled to them and they see the benefits and blessings, the likelihood they will use the apprenticeship model is much higher and then we start seeing multiplication! 

Andy: Some Associates had remarked that they appreciate that KINDLE, as an organization, “practices what they preach” by employing the Apprenticing Model in different ways.

Michael: They [Associates] appreciated that we did not wait to “talk about it” until after they left the room, but instead they could see and hear the model at work and see its benefits.

Andy: Michael is a gifted instructor and an exceptional coach. Our time together in conversation has been such a blessing and I have appreciated the opportunity to sit at his feet, pick his brain, and learn from him. The Apprenticing Model is a powerful tool in the KINDLE Associate’s toolbox and one that works well for this purpose.

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