Birthdays and remembering who we are…

In KINDLE’s birthday month (we’re 22!), I thought we could pause for a moment to remember who we are through the KINDLE definition of a Christ-like Servant Leader.

A Christ-like servant leader helps others…

  • Celebrate their baptismal identity
  • Grow in the Grace-filled Marks of obedience, well-being, leadership, and community.
  • Foster and Multiply generations of Christ-like servant leaders.

Let’s dwell for a moment on the grow piece.

At the Pavasars home we have a spot on a door where we measure how tall our children are at each birthday.  We celebrate this idea of growing.  My 15-year-old son has passed us all, and truth is mom and dad are shrinking.

But what does Christ-like servant leadership growth look like? If we are regularly investing in the twenty KINDLE Christ-like servant leader practices, what will the growth or fruit look like?  The Grace-filled marks seek to paint a picture of a growing Christ-like servant leader, one mark for each KINDLE strand.

Cultivating Faith – Obedience flows from our faith-filled response to God’s grace for us in Christ.

Cultivating Health – Well-being emerges when we pursue Spirit-filled practices that lead to an abundant, integrated life.

Cultivating Individuals – Leadership thrives as we joyfully use our Spirit-given gifts to raise up other Christ-like servant leaders.

Cultivating Groups – Community flourishes as we invest in Spirit-led practices that unite people for service to Christ and the world.

I invite you to celebrate 22 years of KINDLE ministry with us this month. We are excited about the growth God has planned for KINDLE in the coming year.

More than that, I encourage you to pause for a moment and reflect on your growth this past year as a Christ-like servant leader.  Where are you seeing more obedience, well-being, leadership, and community in your life?  Where is God calling you, perhaps even challenging you, to grow in the coming year? 

Birthday blessings,

Michelle Pavasars

Executive Director

P.S.  Here is an updated copy of the KINDLE Christ-like Servant Leader Strands and Practices document and the growth plan worksheet to help you as you continue to grow:

Strands & Practices

Growth Plan Worksheet

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