Stephanie Karolus recently listened to episode 3 of KINDLE’s podcast, “Cultivating Second Chair Leaders” on the KINDLE practice of Live and Learn Scripture.  She shares her thoughts after listening …

I’ll be the first to admit that I have stretches in my life where I struggle to be in God’s Word daily. Sure, I’m able to get some Bible reading in at work as I prep for Youth Bible studies, chapel, and children’s messages, but I’m not really putting in the effort to Learn and Live Scripture in my own life.

What has helped me recently with the practice Learn and Live Scripture in my ministry setting is leading devotions during our staff meetings. I love to use KINDLE’s devotional, “Kindling the Heart of the Christ-like Servant Leader” for this because it allows us to reflect on Scripture, the devotional thought together, and discuss the reflection questions in a meaningful way. As a group, we are able to Learn and Live Scripture together, apply it to our lives, and put it in action. 

This is one thing that I love about the KINDLE strands – they can be intertwined and work together. I find this true, especially with the strand of Cultivating Faith, and how it works in sync with the other strands. Practicing Cultivating Faith, especially Learning and Living Scripture, is something that we can easily do on our own to develop our personal faith, but it is so much more enriching if we can cultivate faith in a group with other people.

Recently in a sermon, my pastor emphasized that “Christianity is not just about you and Jesus …We are called to a personal faith, but we are never called to a private faith.” We are called to cultivate our faith in community with other Christians so that we can grow together and encourage one another in our walk with Jesus.

During this Lenten Season, let me encourage you to find one other person – or a large group of people – with whom you can Learn and Live Scripture.

Stephanie is Director of Children’s Education at First Lutheran Church in Gainesville, Florida. She is a 2016 Recent Graduate & 2019-2021 Classic KINDLE Associate.

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