Angela Erickson attended the the first learning event of the 2021-2023 Classic KINDLE Learning Cycle in September 2021.  She joined her Circle for a photo at the event (Angela is front, left).  The other Circle members are (left to right) Andy Muich (Circle Coach), Brady Laib, Amy Heuer, and Emily Sagissor.

“I arrived at KINDLE knowing that I would be working on my leadership skills and how to cultivate leadership in others, but I was curious as to how we would learn this, and curious to how exactly I would put the information into use when I arrived back home.

I found that, more than any other conference or workshop or training program, KINDLE sent me home with practical, step-by-step logistics of what to do next in my home congregation and community.

I feel confident in my ability to implement what I have learned, as well as describe the program to others in a way that they can understand and partner in leadership development ministry with me.

We joked that absorbing the quantity of information given was like trying to drink from a fire hose, but in addition to being a treasure trove of information, the learning we gained was incredibly valuable and immediately applicable as well. The information was well organized, from the pre-program communications to the binders and the handouts. The instructors were knowledgeable, and showed a wonderful balance of professionalism and honest authenticity in sharing their own journeys.

We all can feel mired down by the day-to-day tasks of our occupations, but it just takes a spark to get the passion ignited again and redirected. KINDLE was an amazing source of inspiration for me personally, and I cannot wait to see how my ministry and congregation will change over the two years of the program.”

Angela Erickson

Director of Christian Education

Trinity Lutheran Church and School

Greeley, Colorado

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