Alex Brice attended the Recent Graduates event in September 2021.  He is pictured above, left, with the rest of his circle (back row: Joseph Hope-Hull, Alex Brice; front row: Samantha Tracy-Apprentice Coach, Jennifer Edwards, Maddie Gong, Randi Petrik-Circle Coach.

We asked Alex about the steps he took along the way that led him to attending the event …

“After looking into it more, I felt it could be beneficial!  Attending Recent Grads was a much needed reminder on self care and making sure that I am ok while working in ministry.  For me, it emphasized making sure you are healthy both mentally and physically.

It was great to connect with so many other DCEs as well!  I had a lot of takeaways and, even weeks after Recent Graduates, I still find myself looking back at the sessions when I need them.  The Recent Grads event was very beneficial to me, and I highly recommend it to those who are starting off in their ministry!”

Alex Brice

Director of Christian Education

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church

St. Charles, Illinois

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